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Hey guys, I haven't checked my lapped heatsink for flatness yet, but my CPU is perfectly flat except for on one edge and part of another edge. Eyeing it with a razor blade, its probably at the most a .1mm difference. So is that close enough or do I need to spend some more time with the sand paper?
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  1. .1mm that is the best you really gonna get sounds like you worked hard on that.
  2. Took about an hour and a half to do it.
  3. O believe me I know it takes awhile I dod my Q9550 a few months back and I spent atleast an hour doing it to get it just right and the heatsink even took longer because I didn't want to sand too much off and go threw the heat pipes.
  4. I have to redo my heatsink. The center is higher in the direction where I went perpendicular to the heat pipes, showing that I pushed/pulled it. But its not very much, maybe .5 mm
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