Need new MB to OC Phenom ii x4 965

I built my first computer back in May and since then I have learned a ton from cruising the forums and such. I learned that the MB I chose (based on price), a 970a-d3, is not good for overclocking. What is a good, budget oriented MB that will OC well? I am leaning towards the 970a-ud3 at the moment.

I do not plan on Crossfire at the moment and will eventually want to upgrade to the HD 8000 series when it is released later in the coming year.

Thanks for the help.

PS I am willing to spend up to $130ish....depending on the board.
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  1. If you're willing to go $1 over budget, you could grab an Open Box'd ASUS Sabertooth 990FX for $131. If not that, then the other two boards I'd recommend looking into would be ASRock's 990FX Extreme3 for $128 shipped, and MSI's 990FXA-GD65 for $126 shipped.

    My choice would be the Sabertooth, but I think the other two would serve you well, too.
  2. Thanks a ton!! That sabertooth looks too good to pass up.
  3. Just a heads up: there's a newer version of the Sabertooth (R2.0), which is $4 more for its open box version (check here). Not certain what the differences are yet, but I'll look into that right quick.
  4. The differences, according to Newegg:

    - Browner finish
    - 2 more SATA III ports
    - Different LAN chipset (slightly newer, I suppose: Realtek 8111F vs 8111E)
    - 2 less USB2, 2 more USB3
    - 2 eSATA III instead of 2 eSATA II
    - No SATA II, no Firewire

    In other words, it's a bit prettier and has better internal connectivity. Not sure if any of that means much for you, but I just thought I'd bring this to your attention.
  5. no that all looks great! thanks for pointing that board out, i never noticed it when i was looking thru newegg. gonna get it now!
  6. Yeah, it's just a small revision, but it's also only $4 more.

    I should also point out that OEM (aka 'system builder') copies of Windows are tied to your motherboard, meaning it will lose its genuine-ness upon changing mobos. I'm not certain what OS you have or are comfortable with using, but if you do have OEM Windows, just know that you'll have to acquire a new key for it (or you can try to hassle Microsoft into reactivating it). I've never had to deal with this myself, but I know that some other forum members have a fair bit of experience with this. If it's a concern to you, you may want to start a new topic about it.
  7. I should be fine with my copies of Win 7. I checked around and it seems that I should be fine with phone activation. I have already had to do phone activation a number of times (long story...) and it has worked every time. Ill go with the revision 2 after looking at it. thanks for the help. lets hope that I dont have many issues with Windows, if i do ill hit up the forums again. thanks again!
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