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Hello,I did a system build. Asus MB M4A78T-E with AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition and Cooler Master GX 750 PSU. I followed the connections very carefully. When I boot up, all I get is the green SB light on the motherboard and absolutely nothing else! I am a bit frustrated right now! Any help would be greatly appreciated please. Thanks
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  1. Read through and complete each step in this thread below. It should help you pin point the issue.
  2. None of your case fans or vid card fans spin up? What about the psu fan, does it? If you have unplugged and replugged all connections several times making sure they seat all the way, as I gather you have, then either your board or power supply might be bad. Disconnect your power supply and run a jumper wire from the green wire to any black wire connector and see if the psu fan spins up. If not then it's a bad power supply. If it does then connect a fan or 2 to it and see if they run. If they do when connected to the psu and not the motherboard then it might by your board. Do you have a speaker connected to your motherboard? Try connecting a speaker and see if your getting any beep code errors. It might be that your processor isn't seated correctly. Make sure you have a fan plugged into the cpu fan header, without this the motherboard usually won't start up. Also, make sure your board isn't shorting out on the case. Try a bench test. A lot of cases come with little paper washers for connecting the motherboard. Most Asus boards don't use these and actually need that connection as a ground. Check you mobo instruction manual about that. Try these and any other recommendations you get and let us know what you did and what the results were. Maybe we can suggest something else if these didn't work.
  3. Ok, I am VERY new to this so this is what I tried:

    (1) I did the paper clip project and the fan on the PSY turned on.
    (2) I then plugged the main fan from the case into the project set-up (w/paper clip intact) and the main fan started up. I took the paper clip out and both fans DID not work.
    (3) I then removed the heat sink/cooler (Hyper 212+) (which I did not like installing in the first place) and connected everything back up but nothing again!
    (4) I checked the Asus manual but didn't see anything to help me (Remember please that I am a newbie and even the paper clip project above was a big leap for me!)

    So I know the power supply works but I am still stuck in moving forward.

    Please let me know what to do next as I am a bit lost. Thanks very much as your help is much appreciated!
  4. OK What about the other steps and questions? First, did you check the link that tecmo34 provided? It has alot of the basic steps. You didn't comment on weather or not any of the case fans or if the power supply fan runs when it's hooked up to the motherboard. That's important and a need to know. Do you have the 24 pin and the other 4 pin power connector plugged in? The 4 pin is next to the blue heatsink closest to where the ps2 plug is. It has to be connected. How about all your panel headers? Must be tripply sure about those. I know you said you checked all your connections very carefully but that is usually one of the mistakes so I gotta put it in there. What about the case/board speaker? Did you attach one of those? Did you get any beep codes? And again, is there a fan connected to the cpu fan plug> Has to be or it won't start. And what about taking it out of the case and trying it? I know you're new to this but these are steps to try. Answer all these questions and follow the steps in the link tecmo34 provided. If you've done all these and still can't get it to work we'll go from there. Good job on the power supply test. Scared me the first time I tried it too. It doesn't test everything about it but it lets you know it's not dead.
  5. Follow the trouble shooting guide closely. Personally, I prefer trying to boot a board out of the case with only the CPU, 1 stick of memory, and the GPU installed for the first time.
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