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I know I should know better, but I took a chance with 2 OCZ agility 60 gig drives that I purchased on Ebay for $90. Unfortunatly when I try to use the drives I checked em out with a external hard drive enclosure and i can format them, transfer data to and from the drives and they seem to work. However when I try and use the drive as a primary drive Windows 7 won't install on them at all, however when I set them up as a secondary drive i can access them just fine......i'm honestly at a loss.
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  1. try setting the 'sata type' option in the bios to ahci, you could try updating the firmware also.

    if you are using an older motherboard the sata type option might not be available and you might need a sata/achi driver to install windows on the drives.
  2. Can you see the drives in BIOS?

    Using IDE Sata type is not suggested for SSDs, you should be able to install when in IDE mode. AHCI is used for SSDs beceuse it allows for better performance.
    You should change the Sata type to AHCI from BIOS before starting. If this persists you may have to load a driver for the Sata controller during the install.

    I have an OCZ Agility 3 90GB as a system disk, but when I installed I used a cloning software to transfer my existing OS.
  3. As the others have said, AHCI mode should be enabled on the port in which the ssd is connected to. Then, go through with the installation of the OS.
  4. The win7 you have is the upgrade versions or full versions.

    please check out the useful SSD articles -part2
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