New rig crashing BF BC2

Hello , I guess this would be the correct section to post this question in. I have searched the BF forums and found no solution. I figured I would post here first.

I am having issues with BC2. I just built my new rig which consists of the following.

4GB Corsair DDR3
Coolermaster 850w
Corsair H50
SB 7.1 Extreme
Antec 900
Win 7 64

** No OC **

My cpu idles around 27 and hits only 45 under load.My gpu idles at 37 and hits 60 under load at 80% fan speed. The problem is that I keep crashing when playing BC2. I get a random colored screen with looping sound that requires a hard reboot. I can sometimes play for 4 hours straight without crashing and sometimes it happens within 2 minutes. It only happens with this game. I have run prime for 24 hours with no issues. I have no clue what to do.

This sounds like the issue that was associated with the Nvidia driver from August of last year. I did a driver sweep in safe mode but the crashing has not gone away.

One note : I did not reinstall win 7 after the hardware swap. I doubt this is causing the problem but it's my next step.

Any ideas ???

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  1. The game is in beta. It is normal for crashes to happen. How frequent are these crashes.

    I crash after every couple of games and that is consistent with everyone I spoke to.
  2. Yeah but when you crash does it seem software or hardware related ? i.e. Do you crash to desktop or does your computer freeze ? My whole computer is locking up.
  3. same things happening to me .. i have win7 64 bit.. OC edition 4890.. ect ect.. but ya.. it goes to weird lines.. sometimes a grey, white, and once a beige screen.. and i have to ctr+alt+del into task manager.. sometimes it wont even let me do that and i have to do restart the pc.. i thought it was my 10.2 gpu drivers.. but i uninstalled em.. went back to a 10.1 and still crashed on me.. so i got 10.2 again and still the same.. it seems like its mainly happening to win7 64bit systems..
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    Guys this is a problem with the GAME ITSELF. So please bring these issues to the BFBC2 Forum. Nearly everyone in the beta was getting crashes, bsods, and freezes.
  5. I created a new thread based on hardware issues not directly associated with this game. Please close this.

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