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Noob question, but I am not a noob. I would like to here the argument between turning your system off, or letting it run 24/7. Please do not tell me about the amount of money I will save if I turn my system off. I just want to here about if you are for, or against. Myself. I leave my system on 24/7 That way, I do my virus scan, (Kaspersky, spybot.) Every morning at 5 AM, plus, O&O defrag does its thing.

I would love to here your options. Thanks...
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  1. I myself try to so this but only when Downlaoding large Files. The parents arent happy. And I wouldnt leave it on for long periods with a crappy PSU.

    However, you can expect Fans and capicitors to fail, thats 61 Thousand hours left on constantly for a year!, so I personnally wouldnt, nothing last forever.
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