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I have to build a file server for some clients of mine. It's more of a document server than a multimedia server. They just need 24-7 access to word, excel, etc files and also I will set all the computers to backup to this server. I know I will need a raid 1 but I don't know how much memory it needs. Will 512MB do it or should I go with 2Gigs? I have 512Megs or RAM lying around. So should I use that and save money or should I buy 2gigs? Thanks.
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  1. NAS is the way to go here:

    Store built

    $569 complete w/ twin 1 TB drives

    or build yaself:

    Diskless $387

    Seagate 7200.12's $90 each

    NV+ NAS w/ two 1 TB drives (1 TB RAID storage) $567
    NV+ NAS w/ three 1 TB drives (2 TB RAID storage) $657
    NV+ NAS w/ four 1 TB drives (3 TB RAID storage) $747

    Under X-RAID drives are hot swappable and self rebuilding. Seagates are cooler and quieter than any "non green" alternative.
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