7200.4 vs Momentus XT

I am wondering whether I will notice a difference if I upgrade from my momentus 7200.4 320gb HD (ST9320423AS) to the 500gb momentus xt hybrid. I just dont have the cash for a large solid state drive nor do I want to get rid of my dvd drive to get more hard drive space in my laptop.

Anyone with real world experience with this?

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  1. Well The 500 was not so great read the reviews. I have the 750 in a new laptop I got it is Sata 3 and a little better thatn the old 500 but I must say it is not as fast as I would have liked. But then I do have an ssd in my desktop so I am spoiled. i would ask do you need 500 gigs? You can get 120 gig SSD for around 100 US dollars.. I woul recommend going that way even if you get the slightly older Sata 2 version you will not be dissapointed.

  2. The newer 750GB Momentus XT is better, but costs more - I agree with thently, if you can live with less storage, just go with a cheap SSD.
  3. Yeah, saw a bunch of those 120gb ssd, but its either the momentus xt or working off an esata port, which would sort of defeat the purpose of the ssd? I would only need to use the extra space occasionally however. But having items I work work on in separate locations is not the best solution.

    So...is working off a 120 ssd and an esata with my 320 momnetus for a few hours a day worth the speed of the ssd for most other apps and general use?

    Right now, without my music and movies, my used space is 106 gb. How much space does a 120 or 128 ssd actually give you?
  4. Well you would loose about 8% so a little in the 110 range and I personally think it is worth it SSD is night and day diffrence and I only have the Sata 2 version.. Everything opens instantly word exel open in 1 second Outlook 3 seconds this is in office 2010. Everything is just so snappy.. I get what you mean toating around an extra drive your call really but the SSD will not dissapoint.

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