GTX 275 TV Out?

Could I use my GTX 275 to connect my Computer to an HDTV with this through the DVI>VGA Adapter the card came with? The wire says that my card must have the specific TV Out capability, and I don't know if it does.

I reason I want to do this is because my current Computer VGA direct to HDTV VGA only allows me to have a 4:3 1024x768 picture due to the limitations of my TV. This results in a crappy picture, and if I wish to play widescreen content, then the whole video is surrounded by black bars.

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  1. Anyone?
  2. what model is your tv?
  3. I don't know the exact model but it's a 61" JVC 1080i Rear Projection HDTV from a few years back.

    I think it's similar to this one:
  4. Well if your TV has those Component input plugs in the back of it, I do not see any reason why the VGA adapter would not work. Since the TV is 720p id expect the max resolution you could use to be 1280x720, and I'm not completely sure if the image quality will be any different from using just the VGA cable only.

    If you want to get rid of the black bars then somewhere in your Nvidia drivers is an option to change the image scaling. One is to maintain the aspect ratio(black bars around the entire picture), another is to stretch to fit the entire screen(no black bars, entire screen is used up), and another should be stretch to as large as the screen can provide without breaking the aspect ratio (either black bars on sides or top&bottom).
  5. No, I said similar to that one. My TV is 1080i. Also, my TV does have compoenent inputs, but the wire says that my card needs a specific 'TV Out' capability which I don't know if it does.

    The NVIDIA Scaling will do nothing at all, since I have to put out a 1024x768 picture due to the limits of my TV, widescreen content will always be surrounded by black bars. This is how that works:

    (At the bottom it shows what happens when a 16:9 picture is displayed in a 4:3 box on a 16:9 screen.)
  6. Hey, Raybob, sorry to disappoint you, but NVidia cards are notorious for not supporting TV-Out (video displayed to a TV) even though they claim to on their packaging and specs. They've been this way for going on 3 years now. I've been through several NVidia cards in the past few years, including some from the GTX line that claim they support TV-Out right on the box and have not had luck with any of them. A quick check with forums and I found this to be the same for just about everyone across the board. NVidia themselves have said that they no longer directly support TV-Out functionality as well on most of their cards made after 2007. If you want TV-Out, I strongly recommend sticking with ATI.
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