Overclocking with stock cooler.

Hey guys, I am buying an intel i5 3570k. And i would like to overclock it a little . I dont want to spend money on an aftermarket cooler.Do you think i will be able to overclock it from 3.40 Ghz to something like 3.80 Ghz with out it frying ? thanks a lot.
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  1. Tough to say, maybe if you have a case with good airflow but I really cant reccomend OCing with a stock cooler at all. If you are insistant on doing it though download and install HWmonitor to keep and eye on your temps. If they start going over 63C while doing... whatever you are using it for then you need to back off the OC. Still, if you are spending 200 bucks on a CPU then you should be able to get a nice $30 cooler like the Coolermaster Hyper 212 PLUS or EVO.
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