Need Aftermarket cooler help for non clocker

About to buy a whole new budget build with a HAF X case.... will be using I5 3570k for the cpu...

what would be a good aftermarket cooler for this build if im not clocking?

Should I go for a corsair h80 cooler or even go more crazier and get a phanteks? is it even worth it for the high end if I will never overclock?
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  1. Good Lord. HAF X and 3570k for a BUDGET build.

    Really, if you're not clocking at all, the stock fan from Intel does just fine. At the very most maybe get a CM 212 Evo, but even that is just overkill for non-overclockers.
  2. Don't bother with the "k" version of the cpu. If you want to possibly OC in the future that's one thing, but if not there is absolutely no reason to pony up the extra money. just use the 3570: . Other than that Hyper 212 evo for the cooler.
  3. Yeah, I'm also wondering why the K version if you're not overclocking...Doesn't make sense.

    You may be interested in looking at frostytech's quiet heatsinks, if you really would rather not use the standard Intel HSF:
  4. too late ordered my build... plus it was only 4 dollars more for the K version.... i think i made a good decision becuase even though its overkill it will help my pc last a littler longer.... and if i do go to overclock i can do it... thanks for all the help everyone
  5. If you haven't already, go buy a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. Great budget cooler for the low price.
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