How to repairs a clicking ide hard drive


i Have a 250g WD HD and its clicking. How do i go about repairing that drive?
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  1. You should backup any important data on that HDD to another location, then think about replacing it; most of us do not have the equipment to refurbish an HDD.
  2. Backup your data immediately and get a new one (RMA or buy one). If you do not need the data on it, it really isn't worth repairing it. In theory if you really want to try something, clicking is sometimes caused by a defective controller board. With modern drives replacing this usually requires moving the firmware chip from the old drive's PCB as well. If you have a working identical drive, you can try replacing the PCB on the broken drive with the PCB of the working drive and move the old firmware chip from the old PCB to the new one.
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