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what is better? what is unreal engine best features and cryengine best features? which one is best for physics (like having shot through a cloth, it will get a hole in it), lighting (like shadow and light rays),and destruction (for example if you blow up something it will crack and fall in the right place). what is the difference?
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  1. Physics has nothing much to do with holes appearing in a cloth apart from basic collision detection. Holes in cloth are a graphics thing.

    You also never specified which version of the engines you are referring to or for what purpose.

    I also see no point to this whole topic. Some people think you should just stay out of topics if you have nothing to contribute. I would rather just tell people like you to stop clogging the forums with useless threads which could be answered no doubt with google as comparisons, legitimate one have already been made.

    Your topic seems like flame bait what with the physics/desctruction parts which are one and the same and seem reliant on physx being mentioned even though it has nothing to do with either of them unless a game company uses it with the newest unreal engine which they do not have to do.

    May I ask why you need to know this? What purpose does this topic serve you or anyone else?
  2. IDK, what are game engines anyway, what are the cons for both of them, I don't know much about this stuff. and cryengine 3 and the newest unreal engine.
  3. if you dont knwo what they are, why are you even asking this question?

    this is quite literally like asking someone the advantages of an apple over an orange.

    they are completely different. neither is 'better'.
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    Both engines are capable of a very pretty graphical displays. The Unreal Engine 3 is starting to show its age in PC gaming however, but in console gaming it is still the top mark. PC gamers have been using Unreal 3 since I think it was Return to Castle Wolfenstine, or nearly 5 years now. Its heavily optimized now for gaming consoles, and the best games (Bioshock 2, Gears of War 2, Mass Effect 2, etc) use this engine. Meanwhile CryEngine 2 is what we are currently at from the great people who brought us Crysis. This graphic system is PC only and has some pretty neat tricks. However, again it is becoming outdated as time passes, its not nearly outdated as the U3 Engine.

    The advantages are: (I am a programmer as well).

    Unreal Engine 3:

    Pros: Easy portability between PC console.
    HDR Lighting
    Polygon morphing depending on setups.
    Gives developers ease at developing.

    Cons: Nearly 5 or 6 years old.
    Looks starting to show in PC games.
    Not as much eye candy as Cry Engine2.
    Has reached maximum potential.

    Cryengine 2:

    Pros: Written a few years before its time, still hasn't reached maximum potential.
    DirectX 10.1 compliant since it was released.
    HDR Lighting, and Bloom Effects, Shader 2.1
    High class renderer, makes things look more real.

    Cons: Written a few years before its time, people are still having trouble playing at Ultra High settings because of the demand of the engine.
    Poorly Optimized, only 2 games released have this engine.
    Memory excessive, uses minimum of 2.5gb During play.
    PC Only (though the consoles are Direct X9 so it doesn't really matter)

    In the end CryEngine 2 looks better, Unreal Engine 3 is more developer friendly.
  5. Your cons for the cryengine are laughable.
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  7. cry engine better
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