[First time PC build] USD $1500 Gaming Build

EDIT: I have decided on the Enthusiast build from the Recommended Builds topic. Thank you for your time.

First, I would like to thank a Reddit poster for pointing me to Tom's Hardware, from what I have seen, the site and forums are terrific, as are the users.
Secondly, I apologize if I am not supposed to ask for PC Building help the first time I post on these forums, rest assured, I will be a repeat poster on these forums.
Finally, I am very into computers, and I'm looking at building a PC to expand my horizons, I've installed RAM and swapped HDDs on my own however I will be closely following a guide and included manuals for building my PC.

I will be updating this topic with both things I find browsing Newegg and following guides, and my many thanks for any users who help me.

BUDGET RANGE: slightly flexible $1500 build before mail-in-rebates


I do not need speakers, however my current ones are dated Sony's which run well but could be better.
Also, I have a 19" 1440x900 Gateway Monitor which I like but would be fine upgrading, price willing (see below)
My keyboard and mouse are fine but if I have enough left over I will purchase new ones.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States (this is supposed to be the country I live in, correct? If not, N/A)

Ideally, I want to run with the NVIDIA 3D Vision http://www.nvidia.com/object/3D_Vision_Main.html
Therefore, I can purchase the kit that includes the monitor.
A high capacity drive for storage, a terabyte is not necessary but I would not disapprove.
The best possible parts I can afford.

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe (if I can afford it and if it would be worth it)

NVIDIA 3D Vision is a high priority
I will be playing games such as the Battlefield series games, Crysis, TES: Oblivion, the Fallout series, STEAM games, I will research more games that I want to play when I am closer to finding my PC

Thank you for your consideration and help.
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  1. I don't have enough time to write up a full build right now, but I'm sure someone will be along with one shortly.

    At $1500, assuming you aren't buying the monitor & 3D Vision kit out of that budget, you can afford a very good gaming system with an i5-750 and basically all of the bells and whistles you want. Except an SSD. You could purchase a small SSD to put the OS on, but I think you'd be disappointed. I'd recommend adding an SSD as an upgrade down the road.

    If the 3D Vision kit and monitor need to come out of that $1500 budget, you are looking at an AMD Phenom II X4 build, which is also an excellent gaming processor.

    You will probably want to wait for nVidia to release their new line of graphics card in the next month or so.
  2. Yep sounds like you need an i7 920. You need to upgrade your monitor as this 3D thing requires a 120hz display to run.

    This might not be the best time to get an NVIDIA card though. Next gen cards are coming out pretty soon, so you should wait for those.
  3. I'm not sure an i7-920 is required, and would probably be cost-prohibitive at that budget.
  4. Thank you for the expedient replies, I have decided an SSD is not imperative right now, I will upgrade in the future but for now one or two HDDs will be fine.

    I have so far taken out of this thread that it would be impossible to build a $900 computer capable of efficiently running 3D games?
    If that is the case, I will settle for a non-3D PC, I can always upgrade in the future.

    Proximon said:
    Coding, PS work, on a professional level, such things always call for the strongest processor possible. Time is money.

    The coding and photo processing are not too imperative, I can settle for a strict gaming computer. I will update my topic.
  5. Coding, PS work, on a professional level, such things always call for the strongest processor possible. Time is money.
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