Asus M2N SLI (not deluxe) AM3 support

Hello everyone,
I was searching the net, but found only threads wit deluxe version.
What about non-deluxe? It has nforce 560, will it be ok? thanks
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  1. Here is the CPU list for M2N-SLI:

    It supports a limited number of AM3 CPU's (95W) with the latest BIOS. I would upgrade to either these three:
    Athlon II X3 445
    Phenom II X3 740
    Phenom II X4 945
  2. Thanks for reply. I saw Phenom X4 955 on ebay for good price, what would be a problem with that processor?
  3. It does not shown as a supported CPU.
  4. tecmo34 said:
    It does not shown as a supported CPU.

    ok, but it should work normally, shouldnt it?
  5. Since the X4 955 is not a supported CPU, it will either 1) not boot or 2) boot but run as a non-supported CPU at downclocked speeds. You will want to get either of the two I originally listed for your best options. They are supported by the board and will work with the latest BIOS update.
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