PC Overheating?


Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2160 1.8GHz
NVIDIA Geforce 9400GT
Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
(If I'm missing something please let me know)

Hi, I'm fairly new to overclocking and I've been trying to up my processor speed. I'm using SetFSB to overclock and the maximum I can get is about 2.25GHz. The two times I've tried going up to 2.4GHz my computer screen went blank and the CPU started making this continuous beeping sound.

I've looked it up and I was told that it was my pc overheating, but I'm checking my temps the entire time and the cores don't even hit 35 °C. In fact, nothing even hits 55 °C.

Any suggestions or advice would be helpful, thanks.
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    Going from 1.8 to 2.4 is probably going to need more than just SetFSB to handle the settings you're wanting.

    Remember, with the E2160 you have a locked multiplier which means getting more performance is going to require to actually overclock the motherboards bus. This means that along with the CPU, the ram, PCI, and many other parts of the system are going to be overclocked. This in turn will make for a hard overclock even when having the ability to control all of the voltages and the like. I'd say if you're not getting hot, it's probably a stability issue in the voltages going somewhere. Something is just being pushed too hard with not enough volts backing it up. If you're really wanting that big of an overclock I'd suggest looking into finding guides about overclocking via the BIOS instead of an active windows program.
  2. Thanks for answering, but going into the BIOS was the first thing I tried. I went in and found that I could hardly change anything. At this rate I may just be limited to a small overclock :(
  3. what memory are u using ddr ddr2 and @ what speed 400 667 800 etc.
  4. DDR2 @ 400 MHz
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