ATI Display Driver Installation (FAILED)

Hello, I have an XFX HD 5750 installed into my computer. I've been trying to install the newest drivers for it which is currently the 10.2 Package from the website. After trying several times to install, reading from the log at the end of the install it says "Display Driver -- Final Status: Fail"

Can anyone help me? I've used both Driver Cleaner and Driver Sweeper to clean up the registries and driver and it still won't install successfully.
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  1. I thought the 10.2 packages were buggy. Can someone else chime in on this?
  2. aberchonbie said:
    I thought the 10.2 packages were buggy. Can someone else chime in on this?

    I used the 9.12 packages and it worked after a few more tries.
  3. Ok... its not working again. I update back to 10.2 because my DirectX 11 is not working properly when I try to use tessellation in Unigine Heaven Demo v1.0.
  4. Damn doesn't look like I'm getting a Radeon anytime soon.....
    hope they work out the bugs and quickly.
  5. ^^ I have to install via command promt [you can find the switches you need online easily enough...] for the same reason. No idea why ATI can't make a decent installer...
  6. (UPDATE) Okay, so I found out that I still have my previous graphics card being reported and recognized by "dxdiag" aka DirectX Diagnostic Tool. It says ive got an HD 4600 Series card and DDI Version 10.1 (which is hardware directx version 10.1) when infact I have a HD 5750 and directx version 11 hardware.
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