Questions on i7 Turbo Boost & i7 Hexa Core

A couple questions on Intel's i7 series:

1. Are all i7 processors capable of Turbo Boost? If so, what speed does the 2.8 Ghz model "boost" to?

2. Now that the 6 core Extreme Edition is coming out, are there expected to be other, less expensive (non Extreme Edition) Intel 6 core CPUs? If so, when should we see them available?

Thank you
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  1. All Core i7 CPUs come with Turbo Boost.

    The Core i7 930 2.8GHz Turbo Boosts a maximum of 266MHz, to 3.06GHz.
    The Core i7 860 2.8GHz Turbo Boosts a maximum of 665MHz, to 3.46GHz.

    The Core i7 970 is speculated to be a 32nm hex core, which should come out soon.
  2. I'm confused on there being two i7 2.8 GHz. What's the difference in the 800 series vs 900 series?

    I would have thought that the 900 series was more powerful, but your numbers show the 800 series having significantly more turbo boost.

    Thank you for the reply.
  3. The Core i7 900 series codenamed 'Bloomfield', consists of the original Core i7s which are used in LGA 1366 socket motherboards, they use triple channel memory, up to 24GB and the X58 chipset which is the only chipset available for LGA 1366, provides two PCI-e 16x lanes.

    The Core i7 800 series codenamed 'Lynnfield', which are newer, released in 2009 IIRC, and have a lower TDP of 95W compared to 130W, and have a higher Turbo Boost. The Core i7 800 series only support dual channel memory, up to 16GB, and is used in LGA 1156 motherboards which are normally based on the P55 chipset which provides one PCI-e 16x lane.

    General Summary: Core i7 860|Core i7 930
    Stock speed: 2.8GHz|2.8GHz
    Max Turbo Boost: 665MHz|266MHz
    Max stock speed w/Turbo Boost: 3.46GHz|3.06GHz
    Socket: LGA 1156|LGA 1366
    TDP: 95W|130W
    Memory channels: Dual|Triple
    Max. possible memory installed: 16GB|24GB
    Main chipset: P55|X58
    PCI-e lanes available for graphic cards on respective chipsets: 16|32
  4. Your confusion is warranted AARRGGHHH - Intel really cocked about with the naming and spec of these chips when socket 1156 came out.

    Having i7 on X58 and i5 on P55 was fine, but then they released i7 for P55 and decide to call the 6-cores i7 as well instead of i9, and now there's different chipsets for socket 1156 too!

    So, basically you have 3 things to consider now:

    anything i7 900 is top-end stuff for socket 1366 motherboards
    everything else is for socket 1156 motherboards


    everything i3 and i5 600 has graphics inside so would need H55 or H57 chipset on socket 1156 motherboard.

    Fun, isn't it!
  5. Lmeow and LePhuronn, thank you for the replies. My impression is that, regardless of any turbo boost improvements, the X58 chipset / 900 series i7 is the most powerful combination available. Correct?

    Also, has Intel announced any plans the make a non Extreme Edition (in other words, affordable) six core i7 CPU?
  6. i7 970 is due 3rd quarter this year and it won't be an Extreme Edition. Doesn't mean to say it'll be affordable though - there's been suggestions and rumours that it will only be about a hundred bucks cheaper than the 980X.

    We'll have to see when it comes out.

    Yes, the X58 platform is the most powerful you can get on the desktop but a lot of the time the price premium that goes with it doesn't always make it the best choice.
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