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Hello,I AN from saudiarabia The Dell laptop inspiron 1525, dead contition now, voltage come in the board, no led and fan,all mosfets ok, TPS 51120 chip and it surrounded components heat..... the same comp. i saw another semens lap. pls give some help
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  1. All you can do is try changing the power supply or motherboard using the exact same components, which may be available on ebay. If they're too expensive, it may be more cost effective to remove the hardrive to try recovering your files and buy a new system. If you do alot of gaming or leave your laptop on alot, get a separate laptop cooler with fans that sits underneath. They only cost about $10-15 in the states. For gaming, I saw an alienware system for $2195 the other day at frys. Dell owns the company.
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