Gpu Overclocking Hell...

Hi Here's my nightmare Ok so ive just got into overclocking/building pc's literally a few weeks ago im finding overclocking my Cpu 2600k to be a piece of cake. so i thought hmm ill overclock my 6990 HD first of all i was plagued with constant problems with the voltage then i realized i had to enable unofficial overclocking unlock by going into the msi afterburner.cfg file entered the correct settings changed voltage control unlock from 0 to 1 changed unofficial overclocking to 1 and wrote the I CONFIRM THAT BLAH BLAH BLAH if i brake my cpu blah blah msi wont help me in the file exactly how the guides said to.

so im like ok finally i can overclock it without it glitching and OMFG IM ABOUT TO ***/ng Kill someone ive been sat here for over 7 hours adjusting voltages finding ones that work i had at one point a voltage of 1.90 core clock 920mhz and memory clock 1400mhz it was all working fine i was happy with my overclock tested it in furmark for 6 mins because im on stock fan for 6990 and i stop it soon as it gets near 100C so im like ok furmark really pushs your card and it was fine for 4 mins couldn't see no artifacts/tearing so im like ok this will be fine for crysis 1 one now maxed settings res 1920/1080 native i watched my temps in hw monitor max temps of around 75- 80C when mass effects were happening.

so i go down stairs after 5 hours of overclocking finally happy because id been trying this 3 days ina row and reset my comp to check the settings had saved and they had i was happy with my hard work went down stairs watched tv with my gf she goes to bed im like ok think ill go play crysis with my new Oced Card then the dumb ass glitchy piece of *** msi changes all my settings back to default screen starts tearing flickering again and again so i try everything up the voltage lower the voltage up the voltage to 20 higher than b4 still the same.

so then i have my voltage at 1220 and lower my clocks to 900 and 1380 it becomes stable again so then im like ok ive got it but noooo its a ******* bitch i save i reset and it saves the voltages plays crysis fine for 3 hours strait temps never above 82C then i turn pc off and it ******* resets again so i try even higher voltages lower settings nothing works is it me or is msi a buggy piece of shi/ttt...
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  1. apologies for the long read i had to vent after just wasteing 3 days of my life on this terrible program
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