What's the point of micro atx motherboards?

What are the benefits of a microatx mobo? From the tech specs I don't see any benefits besides the size. I don't even see why that is a benefit either. Why do you need the motherboard to be small anyways? Most cases support the full atx form factor.
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  1. Some people only have limited space. My Micro ATX means my case can be smaller and fit out of the way of my legs.
  2. Mini towers and other small form factor cases do not support ATX therefore micro ATX
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    Purely size. though they are generally a little cheaper too (less materials)

    most people who buy small mobo's do so because they want them for a small case. though some because they are cheaper than the full size equivalents without any loss of features.
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  5. I'm a big fan of mATX cases simply b/c of size. it's pretty portable for the few times I get together with my friends and game. unless you're into SLI/CROSSFIRE, there's no benefit that I can see to buying a full size atx board. they're also cheaper (but that's already been stated)

    phenom 2 x6 with gtx 470. it gets the job done
  6. With a case like the inwin DragonSlayer you don't even need to compromise on GPU size. that thing can fit two 5970's, and its pretty damn small.
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