Upgrade Intel Duo CPU T6600 to support virtualization

I have a toshiba satellite notebook with Intel Duo CPU T6600, which I just found out does not support hardware assisted virtualization.

Can anyone recommend a processor with similiar (or better) performance which is suited for the satellite and supports virtualization?

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    It is not recommended to swap mobile cpus's as cooling is designed for that specific family of processor.

    If your wanting to run XP Mode under Win7, Microsoft have removed the block for non compliant cpu's or you could just run Sun's Virtualbox, that has no restrictions.
  2. Thanks for this, I am actually currently running VMWare Server which works well on the laptop except for the fact that the network is almost as slow as dial up internet. So I am looking at a different virtualization solution.

    I prefer to have a proper VM running rather than just running in XP Mode and MS Virtual Machine itself still has the CPU restriction. So I'll download Virtualbox and see how it performs.

  3. I have changed the CPU in my laptop. You will have to do some digging to see what chips were released with your model of laptop. If you keep it within that same family you should be fine. Regardless, if your bios does not have a VT option, you are dead in the water anyway.
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  5. Thanks for all the responses. I have installed Virtualbox and it works perfect. Best of all the networking performance is fantastic.
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