Sata hard drive repair or replace?

Hello, I've just reformatted my hard drive (sata 1.5tb - don't know the serial or anything right now) and it keep popping up this message saying my hard drive partitions have a fault (all except for C) I have nothing to back up as it has already been transferred off the pc onto an external. It says I would have to contact the lovely people at sata to find out whether I would to repair or replace my hard drive but I would have to quote error codes, which I cannot find.

Firstly the HDD is only 3 years old. Secondly how do I find out exactly what is wrong with it?

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  1. Given that particular message, I would delete all partitions (assuming that there is nothing on it that I need), re-initialize the drive, re-partition, and format all my partitions. This is to rule out an error in partitioning/formatting.

    Then download the manufacturer's diagnostics and run a full set. If it passes, it's up to you whether you want to trust it or not.
  2. Who are the people at "sata"? sata is not a place or a company, it stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment which is the interface used on the drive. Repairing the drive would be about 10 times more expensive than buying a new one. But if it's talking about a structure of the data error rather than a physical one, you can fix it with a format.
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