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Asus P4P800 Series Mobo's on the i865PE chipset are listed to support AGP 8X. But the specs for these boards say that the AGP slot is for 8X only at 1.5v instead of 0.8v. Anyone know what's up with this conflicting statement. Has Asus misprinted this info. And if not how will an 8X card work in this 1.5v slot? Is there a voltage setting in BIOS for AGP? I don't have this board yet but it is in transit. I have an EVGA e-Geforce 7600 GT 512MB vid card (nVidia GPU) and am wondering if it will work on this board. Thanks in advance for helping.
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  1. The P4P800-E Deluxe has "1 xAGP 8X slot (.8V, 1.5V only)" from the manual, p.xi
    It works, no voltage setting in the BIOS. I've had this board for several years, and upgraded to ATI 3850 about 15 months ago, with no problems. The card gets signaling from the AGP slot, and power from a 6-pin cable.
  2. Thanks for your reply treefrog07. Yes I did just find that info in the manual. The P4P800-E Deluxe is the mobo that I ordered after reading reviews on other boards of that era. As long as my graphics accelerator works with this board I'm pretty sure all other hardware I have will slide in seamlessly. I do have 4 x 512MB DDR400 ULTRA mem modules, CAS 3. This brand isn't in the QVL so I'm just prayin' that they'll be part of the seamless slide in. OK, now on Pg. 2-18 Section 2.5.5 is mentioned the requirement of an AGP card with +1.5v specification. So, I'm guessing they are requesting a GPU that can operate in either 4x or 8x mode which the 7600 GT can do since it was running in 4x on my old board. This is kind of concerning though. It seems if you have an 8x only card your crap out of luck. Or are all 8x GPUs backward compatible?
  3. I just googled the AGP 4X 8X compatibility; check this out.
    I really liked that board, my wife is using it now. It has 3 GB RAM: Corsair TWIN2X1024A-6400 and G.Skill F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS running. It was my first attempt at unmatched RAM, and it took a while to get them running stable.
  4. That's alot of excellent info on vid cards! I thought the card reference table was quite a rare treat in that it actually designated without a doubt the card type by manufacturer and model number. That gives the ability to go back to the Mobo/Card compatibility tables to check what the chances are that a certain card will work with a particular sort of Mobo. Looks like my chances are pretty good. Of course you don't want to get your hopes up about this kind of thing since your likely to be let down. So I'll remain passive and hopefully end up pleasantly surprised. ULTRA returned my information request about memory compatibility and said it is compatible with that ASUS board. Looking better and better! Once I receive the board and get it all going I'll leave another post. Thanks again treefrog07 for lending some knowlege! If I run into any setup problems I may need some more advice. Again, Thank You!!!
  5. Great!
    You're welcome.
    May your initial POST succeed!
  6. I have a bit of an off the subject question. The old board I was using, I discovered, has about 1/4 of its mPGA478B socket contacts bent down on one side. Same side consistantly. I bought it used about 5 years ago from someone that said it was used for test setups. It always did act "buggy" whenever I upgraded CPU's, having to physically manipulate the replacement chip until I got a good bootup and then leaving it alone hoping it would stay that way. I will check the socket contacts on the ASUS board before intallation! So to get to the point now, can a ZIF socket be removed from a mobo and replaced?
  7. I've never attempted it. Why don't you post that question in a new thread because I'll bet someone here knows the answer.
  8. I did, at CPU & Components if you would like to observe any answers. Should be interesting.
  9. OK. It's been about 1\12 of a year since my last post. So here's the scoop. Initial post on ASUS board kept announcing repeatedly "System Failed CPU Test". No matter what I tried, same thing. So I decide to return it to Hong Kong. In the mean time I order an Abit IS7-E after much research. That board arrives and I could tell it wasn't going to be good news! The board had a bit of a bow in the lower left area. There was an attempt to re-solder the North Bridge Fan hold down bracket anchors into it. And it didn't even have a North Bridge Fan as shown in the representing photo and which was factory installed on these boards. It had an aluminum "chunk" heat sink, although it did say ABIT on it and seemed to be a genuine Abit heat sink. It was not for this board. So of course I go ahead and get it all installed and power up. Like I said, not good news. As soon as power hit it I hear "POP" and smell that undesired electrical burn. Thats the end of that show. I write to the seller, we go back and forth and they finally refunded me. When I told them return shipping (which they were going to furnish) was $17.85, they told me just to keep the board. They didn't even want it back to test it themselves. I suspect they already knew before they shipped it that it was a piece of junk. This one came from China. So in keeping it I also retained a SATA cable, SATA power connector with two connectors on the HDD end, an IDE ribbon, and a USB header connector with two ports. Plus my refund. Alright. So I had my mind made up on the ABIT IS7 series board. I'd read how its supposed to be all around solid. Read about too many other reports on problems with the ASUS board. So I just happened, by shear luck, to run across a fellow in New York who was selling an ABIT IS7. So I receive the board along with an IEEE 1394 header connector and a CD with the manual and a couple of random drivers. I had already downloaded all the drivers and the manual in preparation, but I thought it was unique that he included this. The IS7 is a step above the IS7-E. The IS7 is what I was really looking for before I ordered the IS7-E anyway but couldn't find it until I lucked out. So the IS7 mobo from New York looked beautiful! I had a good feeling about this one since the guy communicated to me that the one he would send to me was one he had just powered up a week previous to show someone the BIOS menu. So now I have it and am all giddy now. But I go slowly and methodically, just as I had with the other two, installing it. Alright, now everything is installed, connected, wired, and plugged in. There I sit with my finger hovering over the power on button with bated breath and in anticipation. I push the power button and WooHoo! POST screen. So I re-installed Windows so it could un-install the old board drivers and references and install for the ABIT IS7. Since I format my HDDs into three partitions I didn't lose much. Just had to re-install some programs. This system, I'm happy to report is running unbelievably fast for a P4 478 system. My setup is:

    ABIT IS7 Mobo 800 MHz FSB
    P4 SL7E3 2.8GHz 800MHz 1MB HT D0 Stepping Processor
    4xUltra 512MB PC3200 RAM (Running in Dual Channel Mode)
    nVidia 7600GT AGP 8X 512MB
    Samsung DVD-RW
    CoolerMaster 500W PSU

    I'll soon be looking into one or two 1TB HDDs. I know this was pretty long winded, but that was my adventure for the past month. Hope you enjoyed the drama.
  10. You have been having quite an adventure. And it sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying your hobby!

    Not too much on your thread about replacing a CPU socket.

    I somehow destroyed my RAID1 array after upgrading to Win7x64 final about 2 weeks ago. I just got it re-setup to boot WinXPx32, WinXPx64, and Win7x64 today. It's my gaming machine, so I didn't lose a bunch of important data.
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