I have Cooler Master Cosmo 1000 builded with g78o amd board without prolem. Now i just builded with intel DG45ID micro ATX board and Q9450 cpu. I unable to get power on . I double check and i'm sure to hook up everything correct by manual. the power led indicated on the board flashed everytime i hook up power cable to the outlet. Not sure what happen. The board i bought about a year ago until now i just have time to build it. Please help
Thanks you very much
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  1. This will (absolutely) solve your problems 90+% of the time ...

    That is what the author says, and I agree.

  2. Thanks for quick response, I check this out
  3. Dear Alvin Smith!
    My problem solved! Thanks you very much. You should say 100%...lol..
    Honestly, i didn't think this will solve my case at first when the title on the sticky say "won't boot" and my computer won't power on. The sticky very helpful and i need to know all my component anyway so i go ahead double check on any of them. My hope is gone when i found out all of them is good. Repair to get a new board and it time to take the board out. Well, one last thing i didn't check yet, the standoffs. Counting the holes on the board and the standoffs, ..God.. i have one extra standoffs on the case right underneath of the capacitor. Hook up everything back and ..There it is...
    Thanks to the author and thanks you, Alvin Smith, to point it out.
    P.s: The sticky is" must read before post", i didn't know that when i just found this forum by googles and type question on the pop up window. My apologies.
  4. Thanks for reporting back to us ... this helps with our statistics.

    = Thank's again to ShortStuff =
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