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I was wondering does an odd number of drives in a RAID 0 cause inefficiencies in the splitting of the info? In other words is a RAID 0 with 3, 5 or 7 drives naturally sightly less efficient than a RAID 0 with 4, 6 or 8 drives because of the "uneven" splitting of the info? And I realize the more drives the better as long as the info is large enough for the drives to share the load. But would a Raid with 4 drives be almost as efficient as a 5 drive RAID because the info can be more efficiently split?

Anybody have any experience with this or know the algorithms used well enough to comment?
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    Odd number of drives in a RAID 0 does not negatively impact the performance of RAID 0 array. When you stripe (RAID 0), you will create a block on each drive of the same size for each drive in the array. I would expect a 3 drive RAID0 to be approximately 50% faster than a 2 drive RAID 0 and a 5 drive RAID 0 to be approximately 25% faster than a 4 drive RAID 0. There is no "uneven" way of splitting data in RAID 0, you may be thinking of RAI10 which requires an even number of drives.
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