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My computer seems to random restart at the moment within 5 mins of turning on...once its restarts it fails to start again and seems to get stuck. I took my cpu apart last nite and respread the silicone cream which stopped the problem for a couple of hours but now the problem is back..anyone know what the problem might be?? please
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  1. Well, if respreading the TIM helped, it's probably a temperature issue, and I suggest improving the airflow in the case or making sure that the HSF is properly seated and the fan works.
  2. I checked the fans and they all work..and it shouldnt have a temp issue within 1 min of boot should it?
  3. Possibly, if the heatsink isn't firmly mounted for example, but I'm assuming you have mounted it properly. Hmm...
  4. Maybe u get a proper answer if u give computer specs' and maybe Cpu temperatures, voltages. More data ...more chance to get help.
    As a fun tip... run your computer not using the classic power button,on the case, instead just use a screw driver to power up ( a short touch on the power wires , on the motherboard :na: ). Or maybe u have a mobo with power button on PCB. U know... sometimes, when u have such behavior it may be just a gone-bad power button. :pt1cable:
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