Hi, i have a homemade video of me testing a regular card with a overclocked card, as you can see the differences are immense in terms of FPS.


WARNING! - if you chose to do this, temps and power usage will go up, so it's not my fault if you damage your hardware!

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I can also do any video anyone requests, so yeah.

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  1. You can set the voltage even higher to further overclock the GPU, assuming you use software like Sapphire Trixx and ASUS Tweak, just make sure you do some research regarding other people's successes in overclocking and tweaking your graphics card.

    Some people, like me, have a CPU as their bottleneck. I personally have a I5-2310 2.9ghz Sandy Bridge Quad Core processor, overclocking it beyond 3.3 GHZ is impossible, and overclocking it at all is impossible for me personally due to no possessing a motherboard that allows overclocking.

    If the CPU is your bottleneck, expect very minor FPS changes, if any, when overclocking your GPU.
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