The request could not be performed because of an i/o device error"HELP

hi all,

i just purchased a new HDD from newegg, a western digital 1tb sata 2 caviar black

after i installed it in the case into one of the sata 2 ports windows would not boot, it would get stuck on the windows logo screen,

so i tried plugging the drive into a different sata port, my other sata 3 port, after i did this windows booted just fine

after i got booted a notification popped up saying "installing device drivers" that went smoothly and said "device is ready to use"

so then i went into disk management so i could initialize and format the drive for use

after clicking initialize and choosing (either MBR or GPT) i got this error

"the request could not be performed because of an i/o device error"

what is the cause of this error and how can i get it resolved so i can use my drive

or is the drive DOA

here is my build
i5 2500k
asus p8z68/gen3
xfx 6870
CM 212 evo
ocz agility 3 (boot)
seagate barracuda 200gb
ocz modxstream 750W
rosewill blackhawk

any help will be much appreciated, thank you
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  1. DOA I would presume!
  2. im thinking the same, tech support was no help

    they told me it may be faulty as well
  3. Best answer
    I am presuming that the other drives are working fine so I would RMA!
  4. other drives are working just fine, and i tryed plugging the thing into every other available sata port with no success

    time to RMA, i love paying money to have faulty equipment replaced
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