Envidia geforce 7600 gs stoped working, need help plss

ok this is the story, i bought my card like 1 year ago, , 6 months ago i was playing an online game (eve) and it was all normal y played at full graphics and all, and whent i entered crowded places i would lower the ingame graphics to minimum to reduce game lag..

and i left the zone and put graphics to full again but at that moment the coputer froze..i reboted the computer, and now when it got to the windows loading screen it showed something different, the windows loading icon had some strange pixel lines going vertical and after that the screen went black, but the computer sounds like its loading normlay, i reboted again and same thing...

i removed my graphic card and conected the monitor to the on board graphic card that the mother board comes with, and everithing is fine..... but now every time i put my graphic card, it wont work, if i go into safe mode, i see alot of vertical pixel lines and the colors are all wrong, and the resolution is set to 600 somthing, and i cant change it....

so i went away for 6 months and now came back and im trying to fix my geforce card, i deleted the drivers and instaled them again, i downloaded the new drivers and same thing, i did everithing you could think of, until i got so mad, that i formated my computer thinking it had something to do with my pc, but now same thing, i put my geforce on the agp slot and it boots but i seee al the colors wrong and all horizontal pixel lines, and if i install the card drivers it wont go past the windows loading screen, im afraid to think the card is the broken or something, i just want to know if it really is the card or it has a fix to it....dont have money for a new one..

my computer is just like new, sense i have just formated it a few minutes ago, it has windows xp professional 5.01 service pack 2

could it be that it heated up and got messed up?

i have a

3500+ amd athlon 64 processor
1g ram
Nvidia geforce 7600 gs series 7 graphic card
windows xp professional 5.01 service pack 2
directx 9.0c
300w power supplay

pls pls help i have looked everyone and cant find any answeres
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  1. Well, yes. Sometimes when a Video card is not properly ventilated, RAM modules suffer the most and can die a thermal death. That means: you fry the Video Cards memory. And for the sound of what you're telling there, could be the case.

    You tried on board video, now try using another card if you can (from a friend or something) and put your video card on another PC. That's gonna give you a better diagnosis.

    Good luck with it!

  2. Why don't you try installing windows with the graphics card installed in the PC
  3. right now i dont have any other pc to test it on, dont have much friends.....but if i get a chance i will try on another pc, hope its the card and not my pc thats not working...thx for tha info

    dint think of installing windows with the graphic card already on...not shure if it will make difference.. but thx anyway

    any other thinks i could try to fix this truble anyone
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