I7 3930K


I have recently been havin bluesceens when CPU at 10% load on my OCd system.

I have three bios profiles, one with hyperhreading at 4.5 GHz - BSOD code 124.

I tried the second profile, NO hypertreading- 4.6GHz, BSOD error code 101.

I am very inexperienced when it omes to OCing and am reluctant to fiddle with the bios, but the manufacturer of my PC hagone bust so no help / warranty there! Any advise would be most welcome. I use this PC for 3D rendering and have projects that need finishing!

System specs:

i7 3930K
Gigabyte X79 UD5
Corsair H80 Watercooling
16Gb Corsair XMS3 DDR3
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  1. does it bluescreen without OCing?
  2. Reset the bios to default settings and let us know if it runs ok.
  3. read n follow carefully...
    turn the psu(power supply unit) off & remove cords if any
    open the cabinet
    you'll see button cell on the mobo
    remove it & wait for someone as 15mins
    insert the battery back in its original orientation
    plug the cord & turn the psu on..
    start ur pc...
    the bios will reset itself...
    now if u still wanna o'clock...try with smaller values first & check the temp...
    find the stable o'clock..
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