Is my CPU temp Normal?


I just built my 1st pc and was curios if my AMD Phenom IIx4 955 BE was running at normal temps.

Before, the cpu idled at around 38c-40c, then i put in 3 more 120mm fans to compliment the 120mm fans the case came with, hoping to increase air flow. Luckily the Air flow increased, and cpu idles at 35c now. Are these temps normal for a Phenom II x4 955 BE?
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  1. Load temps are more important. I suggest you use Prime 95 to max out your CPU at 100%, and check your temperatures then. Just make sure that the load temperatures, at 100% after 10-20 minutes or so, do not exceed 55°C.
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    Those temps look very nice, my 965 @ 3.6 idle at 42 and get to 60-61 at full temp, so thats seem really nice to me.
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