Overclocking dual core e5500 hp compaq oem..

i wanna overclock my CPU from 2.8 to at least 3.2 ..since its an hp Compaq machine i can't do it in BIOS...so i can do it through softwares like clockgen or set fsb..i needed the PLL for both these softwares so i got it from my mobo....
my PLL IS:
this pll isn't there in both of these softwares..instead i find these 2 in set fsb which look like matching mine:
i tried both of them & i got the pc bottlenecked!!...pc won't open & there was a sound by the buzzer in the mobo & the pc didn't even open...so i reseted the mobo by removing the batteries & pc worked fine....
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  1. You typically can't overclock pre-built machines from Compaq and the like. Results with software overclocking is unpredictable at best, and usually can't buy you much performance anyway. Sorry.
  2. so ..what can I do...can i change / unlock this locked bios for o'clocking..
  3. Like I said, you just can't overclock it. If you want to overclock, you need to build the computer yourself. Also, if your chip is a Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge chip that isn't a K edition, it can't be overclocked at all* regardless of what kind of computer you have.

    *You actually can overclock them as much as 2-3%, but who cares, it's 2-3%.
  4. I've googled a lot & i've found that there's something like flashing / updating the bios but i don't know what they're talking..
  5. Are you sure you read that it's possible to overclock a pre-built computer after flashing the BIOS? Or did you just happen to run into people talking about flashing BIOSes and overclocking? I've literally never heard of anyone unlocking a pre-built BIOS by flashing, and I've been doing this for more than a decade.

    At any rate, it's theoretically possible, but consider this.

    1. Flashing the BIOS can destroy your motherboard. Permanently.
    2. Flashing like this would be using a modified BIOS that somebody other than Compaq has made, and has gone through no QA process, use at your own peril.
    3. Whoever wrote said BIOS had to do it without the benefit of ANY of the technical documentation that explains how the BIOS must work to prevent problems.
    4. Any BIOS you flash must be designed for exactly your motherboard model, so unless there happens to be a BIOS out there somebody has already made for your exact computer, you're still out of luck.

    So in short, it's a risky process using untested code that has no support and the creators have no liability. Chances are, this isn't even an option, and if it was, is it really worth it for such a minor speed boost?

    I'll reiterate, if you want to overclock, build the computer yourself.
  6. at last is there nothing that can overclock my processor..
  7. are clockgen , set fsb like softwares just useless..
  8. They aren't useless, but they do not consistently work. They're trying to perform something in software that can only be reliably done by firmware, as it has direct control of the hardware. Doing it in software is unsupported, and commonly fails or produces unstable overclocks.

    Tools like ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility, also a software overclocker, work consistently because the company that made the motherboard also makes the software, and thus can guarantee compatibility.

    Sometimes you get good results out of generic software overclockers, but not usually. The boards just aren't intended to be overclocked.
  9. is there anything by foxconn (my mobo) for o'clocking
  10. Yes. It's called Fox One, and has spotty support. Chances are it won't support your board, even though it's first party. Found several reports of people complaining about not being able to adjust critical settings (like voltage) on their boards.

    For reference, the worst motherboards I've ever encountered have all been Foxconn boards coming out of pre-built machines. They're stripped down junk, and it's unlikely that the board supports the overclocking features in any form.

    I'm really saying this as nicely as I can, but you're wasting your time trying to overclock this. If Fox One doesn't work, I very strongly recommend giving up. You can ask the question a thousand times, but the answer won't change.

    If you want to overclock, you need to build the computer yourself.
  11. sorry...but a last Q...where to download this fox one..
  12. sorry...but a last Q...where to download this fox one.. & how to use it...
  13. MasterFURQAN said:
    sorry...but a last Q...where to download this fox one.. & how to use it...

    Chances are the basic Motherboard used by Compaq has ABSOLUTELY NO ABILITY to overclock. ANd flashing the bios to try to unlock such a feature will more than likely end up in you ruining your PC.

    If you want to Overclock,

    A) Get a new mobo
    B) Get a new PC
    C) Get a new PC :)
  14. u didn't help much but still Thanks..
  15. MasterFURQAN said:
    sorry...but a last Q...where to download this fox one.. & how to use it...

    Google.com has both answers. I'm willing to help, but you need to be willing to put effort in as well.
  16. I have a dell pc, and I am using set fsb to overclock at stock voltages.. One way is to ask set fsb developer to add your PLL details...
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