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Well I did it again... I bought a new usb multi card reader it came w/ it's own driver(s) and when I tried to format the flash card in the card reader I lost the driver that helps the computer know that I pluged in a usb muti card reader. I plug it in now and the computer sees the (H) drive but then when I try to store large files on the card the compter says that it can not find (H) drive
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  1. Noone can really help you because you didnt say what brand/ model usb reader. Did you try to google.."drivers for ______ usb card reader"..Also what operating system?
  2. I'm surprised it needs drivers. Usually the drivers are for older versions of windows. In XP and higher, they usually just assign icons to the removable drives. I don't install those drivers and just use the default ones that microsoft supplies.
  3. come to find out it was the connection betten the flash drive and the card reader or something like that...
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