SSD Question! :O

I was looking at SSD's and I was wondering what are IOPS?

Also what is the fastest 128gb SSD?

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  1. IOPS= Input/Output Operations per Second. It is the number of individual input or output requests the drive can handle per second, the higher the number the better. It is a way of measuring the drives performance, different than throughput which is the amount of data the drive can move in a second as opposed to the number of operations.
  2. Google + IOPS = Input/Output Operations Per Second
  3. O Thanks
  4. To answer your second question, ook at the Intel 520, Samsung 830 or it is a great deal, the crucial m4. Honestly, I highly doubt you will notice any difference in real qorld performance since SSDs are so quick in general.
  5. Thanks for the help!! Would it be bad to use the ssd as a main drive? I don't download very many things at all. Once it fills I can buy a 1.5tb Green too.
  6. You absolutely want to use an SSD for your main/boot drive, store everything that doesn't require speed on a regular HDD.
  7. Ok cool, you've been a big help!
  8. Also, I really like OCZ and Corsair SSD's I don't know why but.. what one would be best? I have a $200 budget for a SSD.
  9. I wouldn't get either one. I would go with either the 128GB Samsung, Intel or Crucial.
  10. Really thats disappointing to hear. Are they bad or something ?
  11. The intel/samsung will have slightly better performance, not that it really matters. I have an m4 that I'm extremely happy with, that's the only reason I included the crucial. I wouldn't say the corsair or OCZ are "bad", but I've heard nothing but good things about the intel and samsung, I can't say the same about the corsair or the OCZ. I know earlier generations of those drives had issues. From a reliability standpoint, I would go with the Intel personally.
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