Air flow questions for custom case.

Hi all!

I am gonna make a custom acrylic gaming case that can support dual 360 radiator at the top of the case next to each other with 6 fans pushing out the top of the case.
Currently im thinking 4 120mm fans on the front of the case sucking air in, but now im unsure for best possible airflow.
PSU is at the back right on its side so the fan can be placed next to the panel to cool the psu from the side and not the bottom.
Water Cooling System not Air.

Questions about fan placment.
Would the above be good for airflow / remove heat?
Should i do 2 at front and 2 on the bottom in the center going verticaly.
Should i add a 120mm fan at the back near cpu like current moden cases.

Any input at all about this would be greatly appriciated. If you have done a custom case before and any input there will be good aswell.

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  1. 4 at the front and 6 at the top? you should be grand! As the old saying goes, hot air rises, and as it does, cold air comes in to fill the space left behind, so if you have 6 fans helping that along and four in, once the PSU is beside a grill, it should be perfectly ok, just be sure that the airflow isn't blocked, i.e. that the fan is blowing air into a closed space, I presume your PSU is at the bottom of the case? If it is just face it up if you can, if not make sure there is a grill below it at the bottom of the case and that the case is off the ground (stick some 1/4-1/2 inch feet on it and it should be ok). Realisticly, air cooling is about as efficient as watercooling in my opinion, same temp and same noise levels really. Only thing to think about is the air channels, i.e. cables in the way, gpu cutting off airflow from front fans to the top of the case, that sort of stuff. If you're overclocking I'd recommend getting a better CPU heatsink of course, just to keep the thing supercool.
  2. The PSU is a corsair 850, which has the fan on the bottom. That Fan will be facing the right panel with a cutout/mesh grill. I may put a ultra low noise/high cfm fan there to help suck air in as i need to place a metal bracket near the cornor to strengthen the acrylic back and bottom. Dont want it falling appart on me now do I. The fan is optional at the moment so i wont know untill i build it. Anyway tbh PSU is all good and sorted anyway.
    I see your point about the GPU blocking the air which it would do on the bottom. Also I would have to put a 120mm in the central panel which would weaken it.

    Central panel u say? well its a panel dead center of the case holding the Mobo in place and seperating the 2 radiators. Iwill have Res/Pump/PSU behind the mobo panel along with unneeded cables.

    If only I had the 3d object ready i could show you how it would look.

    My real main concern is without high air preasure fans to reach the the mobo + NB/SB the cooling maybe a little weak.
    The cpu/gpu's are excellent at stock in my system of 1x360+1x120 rad swapping out 120 rad for another 360 will allow me to clock cpu to 4gh min perminatly
    Current Temps: Idle 30-32, Load 100% 50-54.
    3.8gh OC Temps: Idle 45-47 Load 100% 70-75.
    I know thats good but it can be better.

    If i finish 3d img tonight ill post it.
  3. itll void the warranty but couldnt you flip the psu fan to intake and face it upwards?
  4. I tinkered around with a PSU once before and it sent me flying across the room so im in now hurry to do that again.
    Anyway as said before PSU is good.

    I have decided to go with some jet engine fans in the front and attach them to my sunbeam extreme. This way I can control the negative/positive preasure.
  5. ooops. i pften tinker with psus and i havent recieved free flying lessons yet...
  6. PabloRSA said:
    I tinkered around with a PSU once before and it sent me flying across the room so im in now hurry to do that again.
    Anyway as said before PSU is good.

    If you received that kind of shock, you have something seriously wrong with the PSU or the power to it.
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