Is My 7950 failing

I have had my 7950 for four months now and I am happy with it except for problems I get with it. With some games and applications it will just black out and requires a hard reset this happens in three things so far ,brothers in arms hells highway, crysis and windows experience index. It can run bf3 on ultra and other games. Do you think this problem is hardware or software based? Please help I am really confused with this.

My Setup
p9x79 pro
xfx 7950 overclock edition
corsair 850 watt psu
8gb 1600mhz ram
i7 3820
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  1. Hi.

    Do you have installed the latest WHQL drivers? Also, uninstall all the CCC and just leave the driver.
  2. i do have the latest driver installed but ccc also. Which ones should i leave unchecked in the custom uninstall
  3. Just uninstall CCC, the driver isn't deleted in that process.
  4. I did what you said and got the same results.
  5. Clean all temp files and registry, you can use ccleaner for do that.
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