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Just built my first computer, but am experiencing very slow disk speeds (25 MB/s from an external drive, 35 MB/s with an internal drive). I did not know about SATA drivers before Windows 7 installation and am afraid that I can't go back now and properly install SATA drivers. What would be the best course of action now? I don't want to reinstall Windows if I don't have to. Anybody with an easy fix or something I've overlooked? Thanks!!


Biostar MB A880G+
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1T
Windows 7 Ultimate
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  1. If you're set in the bios for "ide" then all you can do is scan for viruses. Use only one virus protection software at a time. I use microsoft security essentials, which is free. You don't need any special sata drivers for windows 7. If you want faster sata disk speed, get an ssd. The 64 gb kingston's have been on sale for $99 recently at frys and possibly newegg. The 128 gb western digital's were on sale for $199 recently at newegg. Your amd board won't have an achi setting for trim support, but you won't need it. Ide is just as fast as achi for ssd's. I use ie privacy keeper to remove excess junk everytime I exit explorer. Keeps the hardrive clean and efficient. It's free. Version 2.7 is what I use. Set it as "administrator" before using it the first time.
  2. I'm having a hard time with the fact that I'm only getting speeds of 25 MB/ sec. I shouldn't have to get an SSD to get more than that. Thoughts?
  3. How did you manage to calculate the 25MBps speed?
    Try to copy a dvd to the HDD or what?
    If so, then your method of calculation itself is wrong....
    What is your Partition Table like? Means how have you partitioned the 1TB HDD?
    Lots of factors change HDD speeds..... it just depends what you're using to calculate them.
    Try a utility called Crystal Disk Info..... and Crystal Disk Mark
    Available here
    You'll be able to get the exact readings, post them here and we'll tell you if your HDD is slow or Normal....
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