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Installed my ssd as my boot drive and now I'm wondering I have my WD HDD and am wondering how do I reconnect it and when to format it? Should I boot into windows and manually connect it to the sata port while the computer is on or should I reformat it in another way? Any insight into this, totally confused and do not want to plug in my HDD until I know for sure the safest route and don't want to mess with my computer booting up? Thanks so much in advance
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    Don't connect it while the computer is on, make sure you boot device is set to the SSD, power the machine off, connect it then boot and reformat it. If you've booted off the wrong device, it won't let you reformat it anyway.
  2. The HDD also has WIN7 on it. Will it boot just fine onto the ssd first?
  3. If you have your SSD setup to boot up first in you BIOS, the OS that is installed on your SSD will be the one that is booted.
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  5. Thanks guys. Working smhexy
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