Intel 520 or Corsair Force GT, and size for boot drive?

I'm building my first computer, and have just about everything. I just ordered a Western Digital Caviar Black Terabyte HDD, and I would like to go with an SSD boot drive, and hear different opinions on what size is sufficient. I'll be using Windows 7 Ultimate, I'll have my AV program, and maybe Word and a few other office programs, but other than that....not being a gamer of using any huge programs, or at least right now, I know that the Intel 520 120GB would be my first choice for a boot drive
and is more than I need, but that's o.k.
My second choice would probably be Corsair Force GT (promo ends at midnight)
and still more than sufficient.
But then back to Intel 520 60GB as a third choice
and it would be to keep within a budget, obviously....but if I can keep cost down without sacrificing anything, I will.

A friend of mine is running two Black Caviar Terabyte HDDs, and a Crucial M4 64GB as a boot drive with no issues so far, and he's built a few computers, so that's where I get the idea that 60GB will work, but I just don't know. A few people have said they think it's too small.If the 60Gb will do the job, that's what I'll do. I've heard Intel is the best, but the next step up is the 120Gb, and twice the just curious what some of you folks think, or suggest. Any and all input greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. 60 vs 120 is just a matter of opinion. I wouldn't bother with anything less then 120g, but thats just me. The corsair drive does not remotely compare to the intel line in term of quality. I wouldn't even consider the corsair drive an option.
  2. Thanks......I appreciate the reply!

    I'd really rather go with the 120GB, and the odds are better that I will, since I got an email this morning from Newegg and it happens to be on sale for 169.99. Of course Amazon watches theses sales and usually matches them, so they have it for that as well, but no CA sales tax.

    I'm pretty much tapped out as far as cash, so may still go with the 60GB, it's hard to say. Do you think 60GB is large enough for what I need it for.

    Even though Corsair is getting some good reviews, Intel is still more highly regarded, and for good reason.
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