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I am asking help for a somewhat odd problem. I have an integrated Realtek audio card on my PC (OS: XP sp 3). Some time last month, out of nowhere, the sound started to have a reverb - echo like effect. I checked and double checked the Realtek sound manager, removed all environment settings, uninstalled driver, uninstalled manager, but nothing could fix it. I have multiple OS on my PC so i booted on the other (also XP sp3), but the same thing occurs there as well. Figured out it must have been the sound card, so i bought an no-name Envy24 chip sound card. Uninstalled all old drivers. Installed the new card, and it's new drivers. Same issue. On both OS-es. i uninstalled all codecs, and all decoders. No fix again. The only thing that seems to show an issue is the direct sound test in dxdiag which does not play any sound at all. This is my work PC, so uninstalling any of my OS-es is out of the question, and i really need an accurate sound for calls and such.

Thank you all.
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  1. Hello again,
    I found the following info, while trying to fix my above stated problem. If i silence one channel, and max the other, the sound is perfect. It does not matter what channel, the sound is crystal clear and is played in both headphones. Also, using a file a friend created, i discovered that using normal settings, the output i hear is the common part of the channels; for example, if Left has a sound that Right doesn't, that sound will not be heard. Still curious for an opinion on why this is happening, but for now, at least i have sound :).
    Thank you all.
  2. Did you fix finally your problem the reverb cannot get rid of
  3. Hello,

    I just want to let you know (this is from my personal knowledge and experience from the computer, tech, photography, audio, and video classes/courses I have taken in school, and college/university) that if you have tried installing and uninstalling drivers, and buying a new sound card and still have the same problem, especially with the other bootable operating systems you have installed on your computer, this clearly is a problem with your computer's motherboard/mainboard that is installed in the PC, and the computer's motherboard is obviously defective or out of use by all means. Your only best option now is to either replace the motherboard inside the computer, or more affordable and less time consuming option would be to buy a new desktop computer all together which has a higher amount of memory, speed, and hard-drive, and has the latest operating systems and programs.

    I hope this helped. Good luck.

    And if this is a work computer, you may want to speak to your employer, manager, boss, or the computer tech department of your workplace.

    Best wishes!
  4. Re-formatting the hard drive and installing/imaging the Windows XP operating system from scratch may also work, you could go ahead and give it a try. I mean it doesn't hurt to give that a try, but in my opinion if you still had problems with the new sound card, and the problem still occurs when booting up the other operating systems on the partition of your hard drive, I say it is a defective motherboard.

    However, go ahead and try reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows XP from scratch using the OS boot disc, as maybe it might start working again, again, as it doesn't hurt to try. Just be sure to get help or ask your employer/manager, boss, or computer IT administer department.

    Hope I helped :) Best wishes
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