1 ssd connecting Sata HDD with windows installed to retrieve data

hey guys
i tried searching for some solutions but none was clear enough.
heres my specs and my scenario:

asus sabertooth 990fx
amd fx 4100 quad core
gskill 8gb ram
ssd drive OCZ vertex 3 (primary WIN7 Ultimate 64bit)

Im trying to hook up my friends SATA HDD with windows xp installed on it to recover
his data and transfer it to his external WD drive.

the problem is when i connect the sata and set my boot order in BIOS to boot from primary
Win7 hangs on load. Once i connect the sata drive i cant boot in windows to transfer the files.
I know SATA doesnt have MASTER/SLAVE jumpers so i made sure everything was correct in BIOS and still nothing.
In bios I can also see the SATA drive detected.

How would i go about hooking this drive to my current rig to be able to extract data?

Do i need external SATA to USB enclosure?
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  1. The drive may be damaged in such a way that it hangs your machine.

    Have you ever connected any other SATA drive to the mobo and had it work? If so, you may find that that particular drive is fried. I sincerely hope that that is not the reason. The thing that bothers me is that what you have described is the perfectly good default-case way to retrieve that data, as long as you are SURE that it is booting from the SSD.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I have a SATA drive in my rig for (media&storage) which i disconnected prior to connecting my friends drive just so i eliminate potential problems.

    I know the computer boots from the SSD because i can see it loads windows 7 and my friends drive has XP on it.
    The initial problem he had with it was that once XP went past the loading screen it would restart it self in an endless cycle. Is this a sign of failure?
    I thought he had bunch of viruses on there since he hasnt reformatted.. like ever.
    So i figured best thing to do is to pull his data and have him reformat his machine to start clean.

    I read somewhere that WIN7 will not boot with 2 drives with OS on them, which should be false because i know you should be able to dual boot.

    I also read that a SATA to USB internal hard drive enclosure might be needed.
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