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Recently with my new built, I been experiencing a bit of periodic video lag when playing Hero of Newerth. It gives me video lag even in the lowest graphic setting and it is not a constant lag. I am running with this driver at default settings. Any information why this is happening?

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  1. Well a HD 5870 should handle that game fine,how is your performance in other games ?
  2. Check the basics Monotan...

    Anything running in the background? You playing audio? You downloading anything?
    Does it do this lag on any other games?
    You said video lag - is this a video played during the game or is this gaming lag?
    Are you overclocking the card?

    If the obvious stuff is fine - whats the temp of the 4870? Run GPUz during the game and check the temps. A 4870 can run hot. Is the fan pretending to be a whole house vacuum cleaner? Do you set the fan to a higher speed because you need a whole house vacuum? ;)

    Good luck
  3. Temp - Around 50 Degree
    Nothing running on background Nothing downloading or paying
    Have not tested on other games since I don't play many graphic intense games
    It lags when gaming but not exactly the kind caused by a slow spec since I was able to run this on a way poorer build without any problems
    Fan is running on 30%, have not customized the speed
    I am not overclocking the card
  4. BUMP, any idea?
  5. It might be your internet connection, which is a common problem for any online multiplayer game.
  6. I just realized what has happened, you were right anon-san. It was because I forgot I was torrenting few files at once and not realizing it.
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