Moved my desktop from us to greece

hi all, i recently moved from the us to greece. i sent my desktop here and was hoping on using it. i went and purchased the correct power plugs and flipped the switch on the back of my power supple to 230v. The power supply is an Antec True 550w.

When I try and power up the computer the fans come on, both case and cpu, but the system will not boot up, no hard drive activity. I'm also feeling a "buzz" when i touch the metal on the case...and not like a static shock, more like the actual power from the wall.

Is it possible the power supply is bad? do i need to mount the motherboard differently to the case? currently using metal stand offs.

The outlets I have plugged the pc into are the same ones for the computer that I'm typing this on. My fiancee has her computer hooked up to it and has no problems whatsoever. So I don't believe it's a problem with the outlets in the house or a grounding issue with the electricity from the wall.

Any advice is much appreciated, thank you in advance.
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  1. Have you checked inside the case to ensure nothing has been disconnected or broken in the move, US to Greece is a lot of handling. Antec 550w sould be fine on 230v, checked that online, sounds like a problem with the PC, also try replacing the Power cord.
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