Whats ur 2D score?

Ran 'Toms 2D Benchmark' with nVidia 8300 and got these score..

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  1. 5870 @ stock Edit: Vista 64 Ultimate + E8500 @ 3.8 overclock
    I find it interesting that your card beats me both times with stretching and that your buffering score is bigger than your direct drawing one, unlike mine.

  2. Interesting..... I tested it with onboard nVidia 8300 chipset..

    Text: 37566 chars/sec
    Line: 51003 lines/sec
    Polygon: 11169 polygons/sec
    Rectangle: 6114 rects/sec
    Arc/Ellipse: 9222 ellipses/sec
    Blitting: 4134 operations/sec
    Stretching: 521 operations/sec
    Splines/Bézier: 31496 splines/sec
    Score: 1634


    Text: 31289 chars/sec
    Line: 88183 lines/sec
    Polygon: 17884 polygons/sec
    Rectangle: 2097 rects/sec
    Arc/Ellipse: 24594 ellipses/sec
    Blitting: 9427 operations/sec
    Stretching: 872 operations/sec
    Splines/Bézier: 35714 splines/sec
    Score: 2181

    Done on an 8800GTS 512mb, win7 64-bit Home Premium.
  4. My 7800 GT


    Text: 13387 chars/sec
    Line: 42674 lines/sec
    Polygon: 19011 polygons/sec
    Rectangle: 11130 rects/sec
    Arc/Ellipse: 3452 ellipses/sec
    Blitting: 39494 operations/sec
    Stretching: 238 operations/sec
    Splines/Bézier: 8443 splines/sec
    Score: 1547


    Text: 20653 chars/sec
    Line: 53918 lines/sec
    Polygon: 12632 polygons/sec
    Rectangle: 1502 rects/sec
    Arc/Ellipse: 13062 ellipses/sec
    Blitting: 1535 operations/sec
    Stretching: 241 operations/sec
    Splines/Bézier: 25806 splines/sec
    Score: 1306
  5. I'm in the process of moving, so i'm using a dinossaur as my main rig, a Pentium 4 2ghz with dual monitor. Geforce 3ti500 as the main card, and a voodoobanshee from 1998 for the second monitor. The system uses 640 mb sdram (not even ddr).

    This is how the system did on both cards:

    Geforce 3 ti500 64 mb from 2001

    Voodoo banshee pci 16mb from 1998
  6. GTX 275

  7. Hey guys, remember to post your OS, the issue was about Vista/Win7 where there are some problems, XP should give good scores for all systems.

    But if you're just looking for 'scores' then have at 'er.

    With Win7 and older 9.8 drivers (no 2D update) on the mobile HD2600 of my Fujitsu in my profile here's the results;

  8. randomizer said:
    GTX 275

    Dude you're losing to the Lucuis' GF8800GTS, times to overclock that GTX275 ! :kaola:
  9. My geforce 3 beats "nearly every" one when it comes to do direct drawing rectangles. How useful!

    Jk, but it does pretty well for the card it is compared to some of the cards here.
  10. hmmm......My 5850 at stock gets 1325 for the direct drawing test which is worse than a 8300 onboard (:lol:)

    But the other test i get 3082 which is better than a 5870 at stock..

    Confused much?
  11. What is this all due to ?
    Lack os consistency\quality of the benchmark or are some cards actually able to do better than others, even if more than half decade old?
  12. I have no idea. :P

  13. (this is on 4870x2 CFX, win7 x64 ultimate)
  14. Sapphire HD 4850 512mb:

  15. Stock Sapphire 5770 - Vista Basic edition - latest ATI drivers 10.2 (IIRC)

  16. TheGreatGrapeApe said:
    Dude you're losing to the Lucuis' GF8800GTS, times to overclock that GTX275 ! :kaola:

    I thought that was pretty bad too :lol:

    Btw, I'm using Win 7 x64 with an i7 920, which I forgot to mention before.
  17. With 4870. My 5970 is comming later in the week. We will see how much it jumps.


    Text: 39063 chars/sec
    Line: 151515 lines/sec
    Polygon: 22989 polygons/sec
    Rectangle: 2597 rects/sec
    Arc/Ellipse: 31056 ellipses/sec
    Blitting: 10917 operations/sec
    Stretching: 1094 operations/sec
    Splines/Bézier: 47393 splines/sec
    Score: 2965


    Text: 57471 chars/sec
    Line: 28902 lines/sec
    Polygon: 10563 polygons/sec
    Rectangle: 10309 rects/sec
    Arc/Ellipse: 11111 ellipses/sec
    Blitting: 8026 operations/sec
    Stretching: 525 operations/sec
    Splines/Bézier: 25840 splines/sec
    Score: 1894
  18. 4770 win7x64 o/c gpu.same stock. 10.2 drivers
  19. OS :Windows Vista 32Bit
    GPU Driver : NVidia ForceWare 197.13
    GPU's tested : 1)Onboard 8300
    2) (8500GT 256Mb + OnBoard 8300 in Hybrid SLi mode) 8600GT

  20. So...Hybrid SLi is good for 2D...
  21. ATi HD4850 512MB on Windows7 x64 with Catalyst 10.4
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