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Corsair H100i push/pull quick question

Hey, quick question, I'm a bit confused about the push/pull setup for an h100i.

The fans above the radiator must be intake, and the fans below the rad need to be exhaust right?

So if I got this right, the fans above the rad will (pull) cold air into the rad, and the fans below the rad will push the hot air through the case? But for that to happen, they both need to be intake. Not sure :(. I want lowest possible cpu temps. (i5-3570k).
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    Your fans will have an arrow indicating flow and when I had a cosair cooler I pushed cool air into the radiator from the top and used the other pull fans to move the heat into the case where it would be exhausted out the back.
    Your case should be able to flow alot of air given the multiple fan locations.
    The arrows should all point inward on a push pull.
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  5. 100% agree, everyone tells me I messed up cause I put the fans to pull air from the outside, but if you have a case that can exhast the air then it doesnt matter and theres not pull on the fan cause when it sucks air it has to pull it from somewere. It pulls alot of air with a push/pull config, I tested my i7-3820 @ 4.3Ghz and idle at low 30's and prime 95 low to high 50's. I have a Corsair C70 case btw.
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