My hdd is not recognised on install

My new custom gaming rig just finally got completed, turned it on, set boot to CD drive which is my win 7 install disk, it says where like what/hdd to install to, and ot says no hard drives available, and also comes up saying you need to install a missing driver from another source, I dont know how to possibly get this driver or which one to get, my hdd came with no cd or instructions, my mobo came with an installation CD with tons of different stuff, however i dont know what driver on the disk is for the hard drive and there is literally thousands of drivers on this disk, I can't see the gui either which makes it harder because I can only browse for the driver. Pkease help :-)
I have
Seagate barracuda 7200rpm 6gb/s sata3 1tb hdd 3.5"
Gigabyte ga-h61ma-d3v mobo

I may have the BIOS settings wrong for my hdd and could possibly even have it pkugged in wrong, because im new, but because it says its there and needs drivers I'm thinking its right but needs a driver.

Also in my BIOS has this stuff about setting data to ide ahci or something else, I left this as ide, and some Marvell configuration for sata ports ileft at ide

Than you whoever helps :-)
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  1. hi
    when ur in bios do you see the hard drive there?
    also use ahci mode, make sure the hard drive has power and sata cable connected to it
    when asking for drivers try putting in the driver cd that came with the motherboard, are you using alegit copy of windows 7 because i never had windows asking me for drivers before install lol
  2. Well in the boot priorities part it says my hdd and my optical drive,
    I will switch to ah I but yet what do I do about these drivers, as when i try to install it says no hard drives found install a driver, yes a legit copy of windows,
  3. Bump-really need assistance with this
  4. 1. Start by making sure all needed cables are plugged as mentioned.
    2. Enter Bios, set drive configuration IDE/SATA/Raid you probably want SATA or ACHI. Not IDE.
    3. Set boot order for CD/Optical drive first.
    4. Boot from CD. The only time I've seen a windows installation ask for drivers is when using a "non-standard" chipset for Raid or an add in card. Windows 7 comes with drivers for all "off the shelf" drives and motherboards.
    5. If asked for a driver it usually means you may have your hard drive connected to a SATA port on the motherboard which is not part of the standard shipset. You may have quite a few sata connectors, check the MB manual and don't start with a marvell port. That is a "non standard" controller. But a driver for it will be included on the CD provided with the motherboard.
    6. Good luck and ask again if needed.
  5. I have not done what is suggested below, do i need to

    My friend said before i put this hard drive in my new rig i should have put it into my pc and disk managed it and formatted it, then it will work, s this correct. And what fornatting type should i use
  6. i have also just been told that formatting in disk manager on another pc to the drive will not help my specific problem because the windows installer /ubuntu installer should be able to do this itself, my problem is that the drive doesn't show up anywhere but in bios. so thoughts?
  7. i read this

    in step ten it notes that for sata 3 hard drives you need a driver. i am using a sata 3 hdd and have a disk that came with my mobo, however the disk is supposed to run from a gui when your already booted into windows, then it tells you what drivers you need, how will i know where on the cd and which one i will need if i can only explore the cd which has 1000's of drivers on it? and know which one i need for my hdd?
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