Install dwl-g122 rev e1 fw/ver: 5.00 windows7x64

Hi, have just bought 2x d-link dwl-g122 HW/ver.: E1 F/W Ver.: 5.00 and i cant for the love of god seem to get it workin on any of my computers on windows7 x64 systems.

What is happening is that i start installing from cd, get told to insert the d-link adapter in a usb to continue installation and then the windows automatic driver installation starts and both installations "halt". If i remove the stick the d-link setup program continues, but when it finishes it cant find the card. If i plug it in while its still installing it halts the install again and nothing happens. windows shows the device as installed and working with the right drivers, but under network adapters it only shows as disabeled. I cannot get it enabeled either nbo mather what i do.
Also if i restart the computer the windows boot halts untl i remove the usb-dongle and then it continues as normally.

I have no idea what to do. Tried about every trick in the book. 9 different drivers, complete reformat in case it was some old drivers buggin it up, different methids of running the install program, etc etc.

Anyone else got this problem, or know what the h... is going on?

I will be eternally gratfull if someone can help me. got a red cat cable straight over the livngroom floor atm, and it doesnt look pretty :(
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  1. I don't know what happened there. I bought mine (same revE1, F/W 5.00) to use it with an Acer Aspire One ZG5 running MacOS, but it doesn't work there. So I installed it in my Win7 desktop to see if it works and it did. Only thing i did different is I installed from a USB stick since my DVD drive was unavailable at the time for some reason.
    Some other device or driver must be hanging that installer of yours. Try it on someone else's computer, see if the device is not broken. Hope u get it working

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