Need an urgent replacement for an ASUS P5K Pro

Hi all, my ASUS P5K Pro died (can't post unless you reset the BIOS and then will only let you get into the BIOS to adjust the settings, once you save and exit the BIOS it won't POST again) so I sent it back to ASUS who have voided my warrenty because of oxidation (I have no Idea how that happened as my machine never gets wet and I wouldn't say I live an really humid climate (sub-tropics)). Either way I am now without a working computer and in desperate need of a stop gap until I buy a full new machine in the coming year (Intel socket 2011 system).

What I really want is a drop in replacement but I am not able to find anyone who stock my motherboard so that seems out of the question (if anyone out there has a working one contact me and shall see if we can make a deal).

I used the onboard RAID (Intel ICH9R) to build a RAID 1 mirror so my data should be safe (if I understand it correctly I could load anyone of the RAID drives into another machine as a data drive and steal all my stuff off it no problems) but I would like to find another compatible motherboard/chipset and place that in, load my RAID drives back in and carry on using my computer as normal.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a stop gap motherboard that I can use to keep going until I replace my system? If anyone happens to know how to fix the BIOS problem (replace the BIOS chip???) and get me working that way that would also be great as well.

Thanks all.
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  1. Dam I am finding it hard to find any P35 boards. I have come across this gigabyte board (GA-P35-DS3R) and the price seems good. What are the chances of being able to just put everything into this board and continuing on my merry way?
  2. You should be fine just swapping everything over (including the RAID array just plug it in and set the BIOS to RAID). I have moved RAID arrays from ICH7R to ICH9R without having to rebuild the arrray. I cant see any problems moving from one P35 chipset to another.
  3. I ended up buying a Gigabyte GA-G41M-COMBO, reinstalling Windows onto one of the mirrored HDD (couldn't boot to the HDD as it would just loop/blue screen, probably something to do with it being set to RAID in the ASUS and the Gigabyte not supporting RAID) and copied files off the other HDD as a data drive as I needed them.
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