Asus Mo Bo With Intel 4core Cpu Crashs Blue screen

Have not been able to figure this one out While loading both Win 7 and or win XP, comp would crash with some kind of blue screen not all the same.
Once OS got loaded comp would still crash. I wound up installing win 7 premium and it would still crash. Is there any software I can get to test the system? Or maybe somebody knows what is wrong.

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  1. Can you elaborate a little bit more on your system, hardware, please ?

    Can you boot into Safe Mode ?

    Have you done a diagnostic test on your memory by booting to a CD created with memtest86+, a copy of which can be found at ?

    Other than that, do you have any BSOD codes to post ? If not, before booting to Win 7, please press F8 to boot into Windows Advanced Boot Options. Here choose to turn off Automatically Reboot feature. Then boot normally. This will give you the chance to see any BSOD codes.

    Hope this helps.
  2. There are so many things to look at. Overclocked or not? Tested memory? Is memory voltage correct? Correct power supply size?

    There are a couple of guides on this site you should read.

    Think about this - if I was able to see across time and space too solve your issue, dont you think I would use that for personal gain and not answer these questions. :)
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